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Why does my computer get slower?

Over the months and years your PC can collect many unnecessary files from uninstalled software or temporary files no longer needed. These files along with the ones you want to keep become scattered over the hard disk (fragmented), causing the computer to slow as it searches for them. Removing the unwanted files and then reorganising the files on the hard disk (Defragmentation) will speed up your computer.

Updating hardware drivers can also help you avoid error messages and crashes on your PC. However, it's not all about updating and deleting files. Some software loads when your system starts, and this can use precious system resources (CPU and memory) and will therefore slow your computer down. By only allowing the programs you use to startup when you boot the computer will get your computer up and running much quicker.

Do I have to backup?


How can I protect myself from viruses?

So what is a computer virus. Simply put, a computer virus is a malicious computer program. The term 'virus' is often used to describe spyware, adware, malware, trojans, worms and others. It's not neccessary to know how all these variations works, just be aware that "viruses" come in many different guises.

To protect yourself, you need to have installed an anti-virus program. Some of these are quite expensive and require annual subscription.

There are also some very good free alternatives. Give us a call, we can help.

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